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non sequitur

non sequitur

Matthew Wright

Linton & Kay Galleries Subiaco

14th - 28th August 2020


“These works are an investigation into habitat and personal space within a suburban context. The banal is intentionally fractured to reveal something else; perhaps a sense of ‘something more’. Happy accidents and unplanned visual collisions imply a narrative beyond the purely representational. Ultimately these paintings are a reframing of the mundane, by taking our collective suburban experience and fragmenting it; a fissure in the pavement of the every-day.”

every rose has it filming
plaintly non sequitur
thanks Alicia. area down
what's that quiet
(show right there)
you paying the other house pretty
you literally zone carousel do you
Remain in Light
ad hominem
faking jazz together
apparition publique
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