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Fragment by John Keats

Where's the Poet? show him ! show him !

Muses nine ! that I may know him !

'Tis the man who with a man

Is an equal, be he King,

Or poorest of the beggar-clan,

Or any other wondrous thing

A man may be 'twixt ape and Plato ;

'Tis the man who with a bird,

Wren, or Eagle, finds his way to

All it's instincts ; he hath heard

The Lion's roaring, and can tell

What his horny throat expresseth ;

And to him the Tiger's yell

Comes articulate and presseth

On his ear like mother-tongue.

Wendy Sharpe saying that;

depiction of a woman --> just a woman, or depicting something else (goddess of higher calling/symbolic nude)

depiction of a man ------> humankind

The Body in Pieces: The Fragment as a Metaphor of Modernity by Linda Nochlin

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